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Comprehensive guide to profit from Clickbank in 2023

Comprehensive guide to profit from Clickbank in 2023

 6 years ago, Shopify or routes shipping was not as popular as our time. Whenever it was at that time it was the affiliate and exactly the most famous platform in this field, "Clickbank". By this platform alone, many Arab marketers were able to achieve their financial freedom and invest their profits in other areas ...

Does this mean that Clickbank has died

Not my friend, the whole thing is that our friends follow the wave and the wave of the age is "e-commerce and routes shipping" ...

With this large number of stores and course owners, there is an urgent need for Affiliateers more than ever, and the most beautiful of this competition is no longer as fierce as it was 5 years ago

 In this guide, I will share with you everything you will need to know in order to profit from Clickbank sponsorship by explaining the various methods that are used.

In general, if you like visual content more than reading, you can watch the  Clickbank course  in the form of videos:

 Before starting to explain the method of marketing Clickbank products, you must know that Clickbank has prevented most Arab countries from registering a new account in Clickbank ...

The problem of creating accounts in Clickbank

  In fact, there are two solutions to the problem of creating new accounts in Clickbank:

 The first solution: You will use roundabout methods by using "Vpn" to change your country, as well as using "fakeaddressgenerator" in order to obtain an address for the country that you have chosen via "Vpn". 

Comprehensive guide to profit from Clickbank in 2021

 In fact, this is what I focus on when choosing a show and it is not necessarily the same thing that everyone will focus on.

 As for the symbols in  Clickbank products , they are just some of the information you need to know before starting to market the product. You can find out their meanings through this picture ...


 We have completed the product selection stage, what do you think of starting the product marketing stage now?

But before this, let's get to know the marketing methods that most beginners do that cause them not to win a dollar from Clickbank.

Failed marketing methods for Clickbank products

 Did you know that the Clickbank store has more than 500,000 Affiliate marketers for its products every month, but what you do not know is that only 10% of marketers bring in sales while only the remaining 90% are moving from one product to another because we think that the problem is in the product ... according to my experience And my simulation of a large number of novice affiliate, whether in forums or online, I found that there are unified problems among these marketers. To be frank with you, "I was like them two years ago."

 Here are the most important failed marketing strategies that they do in order to market the products of Clickbank or any  affiliate company :

1-  Direct ad for the product page:

Unfortunately,  promoting Clickbank products without a website  is not as easy as you think. Most of the  marketers  create an ad on  Facebook Ads,  and everyone who clicks on the ad goes to the product page. Most of the time the targeting is not accurate and in some cases the Facebook Ads account is closed.

 It is true that the commission that you earn from  marketing Clickbank products  is very large. As I mentioned, it can reach more than $ 80 per sale, but this does not mean that your promotion of these products is only through an advertising campaign for the product page.

Do not worry, I will show you the correct way to promote these products ...

2- they create a public blog:

 I do not deny that making a “review” for Clickbank products is one of the best ways to get sales ...


 Most of the beginners I have contacted have been creating a comprehensive blog, and when I ask them why is a comprehensive blog?

 They say: so as not to be confined to one product and to do “reviews” for more products and make more profits.

 Ultimately the month ends with not achieving a single sale.

 Once again, don't worry. I will show you the correct way to promote these products through Blog.

3- they don't collect a mailing list:

 We are in the year 2021, and day after day the competition intensifies ... But beware, you think that email marketing has ended and is no longer working !!

 One day I asked "Charles Ngo" why he is making more profits from marketers, even though we are marketing the same show.

 He said : I do not care about marketing one offer. Rather, what I am trying to do is gather the largest possible number of people interested in a particular niche. After that, I try to create many lists in different combinations. 

 I said : And then what?

 He repliedAs you know, I have a "Team" and every individual is responsible for his mailing list, as each individual creates a close relationship with the subscribers of the list by offering free strategies and tricks. When the time comes to market a specific offer, I send it to the list that I gathered in the thread related to the offer. In the event that I get many conversions, I know that the offer is successful and I am trying to expand that through paid ads and at the same time I enlarge my mailing list.

 In fact, this answer changed my earnings 360 degrees, before this answer I had never been a user of email marketing.

  If you are like my old self, I promise you that you will not make good profits on the Clickbank  platform .

4- Trivial mistakes

For example, the marketer site is a site that specializes in the field of electronic marketing. Therefore, I will market for a product in the same specialty as me, and let's say that I chose “CB University” so what I will search for is:  CB University Review .

 Why exactly is "review"?

 Simply because the customer has taken an idea about the product and only needs to read a review of the product before purchasing it ... 

 If you are a Google Chrome user, I advise you to use this “ Keywords Everywhere ” application , as it makes it easier for us to have Keyword Research.

 As you can see, the word "clickbank university review" is an easy word for competition and searches in it reach more than 450 monthly searches.

Kw research clickbank

 The word easy to compete means:  less than 0.20 in “Comp”. Medium competition word:  between 0.20 and 0.80 in “Comp”. A very competitive word:  above 0.80 in “Comp”.

  So, how will I convert my profits from three daily numbers to 4 digits through free traffic from search engines?

 In fact, it is difficult because the "Scale" process is done through the horizontal method only, or what is called "Scale horizontally".

 What I mean by " Scale horizontally " in the field of affiliate through free traffic is as follows:

Create a lot of articles for many products in your blog.

Create more backlinks in order to generate search results.

Expanding search engines, instead of just targeting Google, targeted Bing, “Yandex” ...

Trying to create a "Pop-Up" in order to obtain emails from visitors and convert them to buyers.

Creating many blogs in different chats.

 Hi Yassine

Congrats and thank you for reserving a complimentary copy of my new book Digital product blueprint

Click here to download your copy of my new book Digital product blueprint

 In it, you’ll find all my tips, strategies and secrets to Turn Your Knowledge, Passion Or Expertise Into Information Products You Can Sell Online, this book contains information you won’t find anywhere else

 Now let's explain something called "Sequence". I know that most of you know what it is, but let's explain it to beginners in order to be fair in this competition? Before I start the explanation, allow me to give you an example in order to understand the matter: Let's say you are a new follower of the marketer's website and I told you to buy a course.

 Are you going to buy?

 Of course not, but maybe you're stupid and buy?

 Let's say that we provided you with good content that will benefit you in your work, then we told you to buy this course or use this program.

Are you going to buy?

You may purchase 10%.

 Let's say we taught you a free way to get more than $ 1000 per month and it worked with you, then we told you to buy a specific course.

 Are you going to buy?

 Of course yes, because we offered you something that worked for you and your purchase rate from us is 100%. God knows that you are stingy and do not want to develop your business.

 The same thing you should use in your marketing of Clickbank products. I hope you got the idea.  So I tell you to choose an area in which you understand and you can help people in it.


Will we do it manually?

You can, but it will take a lifetime to get 10 clients the traditional way of messaging each person individually.

On the other hand, we will use “Sequence” which are emails that we program to reach all subscribers in our mailing list “the customers that we got from our landing page.” These emails will automatically reach the subscribers in the list, and every person who recently subscribes will receive the same cycle of emails.

 The beauty of "Sequence" is that the client thinks that you are sending it to him specially after that it becomes his example over time.

 So how do we create our “Sequence”?

Easy. Go to " Getresponse " again?

Go to " Automation ". Do " Create Workflow " after "Build from scratch."


 Now is the time to set up our “Sequence” ...

Getresponse + clickbank

There are many forms that you can use in building a professional “”, for example there are options that say to the program in the event of a purchase, send an email 1 or write an email to an e-mail 2, in case he did not buy… “If / Else”

 I think the owners of the programming understand what I mean?

 But now we do not own a Shopify store until we check the details, whether it was bought or not, all we can do is pressure or not.

 In summary, all of this does not matter in case we want to market our brands and Clickbank products.


 As everyone knows, the "Digital Marketer" site is the # 1 source of information for all marketers in the world, where you will find there is everything you need in your business from free information in their blog and paid courses. One day, “Ryan Deiss” was doing the same way that I explained to you: He brings traffic from ads to the “Squeeze page” and then sells his courses through e-mails. The price for subscribing to his courses is $ 47 per month.

 According to what he says, his company's profits were increasing month after month, but he was not satisfied with these profits, as it was only 6% of the subscribers to his list that he collected from those who buy ...

 It was decided to use the bait method, which is as follows:

 Instead of fetching traffic from Facebook ads for "Squeeze Page" in order to get their emails, he created ads for the "Landing Page" landing page.

  On this page, he made his courses at $ 7 for the first month instead of $ 47, and he was surprised to find that the percentage of his conversions increased by 800% and at the same time he got an email for every person who subscribed.

 After the first month, he noticed that 40% of those who subscribed to the $ 7 course paid $ 47 in the following months. He also wrote to the rest with emails in the form of “Sequence”, sold them many courses and promoted the “T&C Summit”, which witnessed a large presence.

 As for "Russell Brunson" he was trying to promote his "Click funnels" product, but he always got the customer for $ 107, knowing that the price of " Clickfunnels " was $ 97, meaning that he was in losses. In the first month and does not complete his subscription for the remaining months, that is, “ Russell” loses $ 10 for every customer who gets it. Finally,

  he decided to use the bait method, which is as follows: First

think with himself why you are going to buy his program " Clickfunnels " and they do not know anything about "Funnels". All they know is to create a traditional site ...

 He decided to share his message with the world that "Clickfunnels" is the solution to all their problems, through two books " Dotcom Secrets " and " Expert Secrets ". In fact, I advise everyone to read these two books because they will help you to double your profits.

 And in order to convince people to buy his book, he sold it for free in exchange for the cost of "Shipping", whose price does not exceed $ 8 for American residents and $ 12 for outside America.

  Simply its taste was "Free + Shipping". As for what the book contains, " Clickfunnels " is the solution to all your problems and ways to use it and a bag that achieves your first million. In the two books, you will find a treasure trove of information worth thousands of dollars. The purpose of all this is to convince you that "Funnels" is the future and that " Clickfunnels " is the platform that will help you ...

 "Russell Brunson" sold the two books to more than a million people and thus his message reached more than a million people. After that, 20% of those who bought the book subscribed to Clickfanel and paid $ 97 per month.

 Well, how will all this benefit me in selling Clickbank products  ...⚠️⚠️

   There are several goals of using the bait technique:

1- You will bring in your interested audience who has money at the same time, meaning that you do not have to waste your time in an interested audience without money.

2- The flannel will be used to promote Clickbank products after your taste is consumed, whose price should not exceed $ 10.

3- Will you get the emails of interested customers and have money in the end?

 Before all this, can you watch this video to the end because it will help you a lot in understanding ...

  As I saw in the video, “Russell” created “Funnel” in order to market the popular Tony Robbins book “Money: Master The Game”.

But the secret in these "funnels" is for "Upsell", which he does after you buy the book "The Taste" at the beginning ...

 After you buy the book on the first page, it will move you to the second page in which it tells you that there is a copy of its program for free, but then you will enter into a monthly subscription Worth $ 99.

On the third page, he displays his package at $ 297 instead of $ 891.

Conclusion The customer entered in order to buy a free book, so he left the flannel by paying more than $ 1000 .

 This is called “Tripwire” bait technology !!!

However, how will this benefit me in order to promote Clickbank products?

  Here's the thing. I want you to create "E-Books", a simple program, or a small course ...

  Then sell it through " Clickfunnels " price of $ 7. As for the payment methods, it does not matter what you will use whether it is "Paypal" or "Stripe" ...

 Please do not come in the comment or in the messages asking me how to open an account in Paypal or "Stripe" because I will not answer you, everything is in YouTube and there are "Blackhat" ways to open a "Stripe" account in the Arab countries. Look for it or search for your relatives in European or American countries in order to open it, this is what I am doing ...

 After you create your own landing page in " Clickfunnels ", use "Funnels" to pass the customer from one page to another ...

 - As we mentioned that your book or bait will be for a small price on the first page of the flannel.

 - On the second page, put a Clickbank product whose price does not exceed $ 45 and create a video explaining to it how to use it and why it is important.

 - On the third page, choose a product whose price exceeds $ 100 and convince him that it will change his life. “Depend on your creativity”.

 You can create the largest number of pages in your "Funnels", no problem.

 Explaining all this in this guide will take me a month, so watch this video ...

  It's like I said at the beginning, it all depends on experience:

 Try thousands of landing pages, try thousands of finals, try try ...

 When you find successful "Funnels", be sure that $ 1000 a day will become a simple matter for you. All there is to it is a traffic issue, you enter into a tunnel and exit with money.

 Even if you can't get the customer to pass through all of your "Funnel" pages, no problem you got an email.

 Message him every day and try every day to convince him and return to the pages where he stopped converting.

 It is not simple, but it is not complicated at the same time ...

 These things that you have done today can be applied in all fields, whether in the field of shipping, affiliate, "CPA" companies, clickbank ...

 All that I can guarantee you is that for up to the time you have read something that you will not find, neither in Arabic nor foreign content ...

 The information has been provided, and the rest is on you ...

 If you have any questions or inquiries, please put it in the comment and I will try to answer it ...

All I ask of you is to share this article with someone you think may change his life because of this article.

Greetings to you and I wish you success in your career.

Also, do not forget that Clickbank is a platform like other platforms, so you can use this guide to promote any affiliate company, whether it is "Jvzoo, CJ ...".





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