How To Do Affiliate Marketing: The Complete Guide For Beginners 2023

 How To Do Affiliate Marketing: The Complete Guide For Beginners 2023

How To Do Affiliate Marketing: The Complete Guide For Beginners 2021

Given a chance to earn a party income, you want to:

Learn how the stock markets work so that you can take enough risk from your money while working there?

Find a side job that calls for your weekly working hours and tires you spend for the weekend out that you sleep? or

Go with your time and earn a side income with no risk to your money with a simple process that does not require any learning effort?

Chances are, you chose the third option. Even if you didn't, just assume you did and read further to learn about this brilliant little concept called affiliate marketing. 

Those who are dreaming of being influenced, have other guides on how to make money on Snapchat , but today we try our hand at affiliate marketing, because the slightest bit of income doesn't hurt, right?

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

You see all those bloggers and influencers trying to recommend new stuff to you, and let's be honest, you take their advice seriously many times like you would trust a friend, but unlike your friends, they make money every time You buy something from your link - called called affiliate link.

It all works through an affiliate network. You find a product in the network that appeals to you and start marketing it on your forums. When the product generates sales through your marketing efforts, you earn a commission on it! You do not need to learn the shorts, langs and derivatives of a financial market and share trading to earn your income here. Consistent marketing efforts will get you passive income here!

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Affiliate Marketing - New and Old

Although the concept sounds very modern, it is not. Most people believe that affiliate marketing is a result of the Internet. But, this has been going on for centuries. It is similar to how a man discovers fire, tell other people around it, and word spreads. 

Fast forward to the age of the Internet, William J. Tobin began the first affiliate marketing program in 1969 and patented. The program started with his company called PC Flowers and Gifts.

Using Tobin's ideas, CDAb started its BuyWeb program in 1994. This is where the very first idea of ​​affiliate marketing took root. Customers were provided with links on third-party websites that would take them directly to the CDNOW pages to purchase the album.


After that point, this process continued to evolve to transform into what you see today - one of the main marketing techniques for companies worldwide. So, while in those days, CDNOW required its links to complete websites, today, you can use social media like Twitter to expand your business .

Marketing competition 

Here is a very reasonable reason why the idea of ​​affiliate marketing has gained momentum in recent years. 

Marketing is no longer just about creating awareness about their products. Today, it is about changing perceptions and signaling buying behavior in a consumerist society. And this is precisely what makes marketing so competitive today that strategies have been developed to teach people how to sell anything.

How competitive marketing figures today for image results

Not only this, the last decade has been seen by companies shooting marketing budgets. Increasing competition and all the clutter on popular media is fought today with an aggressive approach to marketing. 

So much so that the brands are competing openly. Take Burger King, for example, that McDonald's has been carrying for years now. With their recent vision burn campaign , Burger King has taken it to a level to defeat the huge McDonald's marketing campaign.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are some questions that you may have about affiliate marketing. Do Affiliate Marketing Programs Work? Do they bear any profit for the business? More importantly, do they bear any consequences for you when you start the program?

Well, driving straight into the facts, it becomes rather obvious how effective affiliate programs are doing for publishers. 16% of total e- commerce sales come from affiliate marketing! Just think how big is the figure of 16% of global online sales.


The channel is so effective and accessible to a business that it has been voted as one of the top two revenue generators for publishers. Therefore, there is no doubt about its popularity and effectiveness among affiliates.

It is not just the side income that people are earning from affiliate programs, it is a regular source of income. About 35% of affiliates make more than $ 20,000 from their affiliate work order !

When it comes to brands, about 81% of brands use these programs to promote sales of their products and services in the mass market. Spending on affiliate marketing is expected to increase to around $ 6.8 billion in 2020 in the US alone!

How to do affiliate marketing

Ever heard someone say, "I make so much money just by telling people to buy new things and click on things." There is more to the picture than what it looks like!

While this all sounds appealing and interesting, affiliate marketing may not be as easy for people to exclude. After all, it is a process, and you compete against many other affiliates while trying to make an income. 

. Given that you stick to the basics (which, by the way, are very easy to learn) and follow a clear framework, you can achieve your goal ..

Here are some tips on how to do affiliate marketing:


1. Choose a niche

Marketing 101 will teach you that a niche is any product or service that appeals to a select segment of the population. Of course, choosing a niche also implies that the needs and desires of that segment of customers are unfulfilled. So, with your eye for a blue ocean , you enter a market that is only for you. 

Here are some tips on finding your niche:

Find inspiration at home

The essential step in finding a niche is to look for inspiration in your life. Think about your problems and try to identify a segment where no brand already exists. To identify your most common problems and try to see your everyday schedule where you can cut down on time and cost.

One hack that people often use to identify their niche is to use premium products in their lives as a focal point. If you can identify a segment that is only being catered to by a premium product that charges a premium price, then you can find a cheaper solution and win the segment. 

If you can do something with you, congratulations! You are your niche. If you don't do this, try the next step.

Look into people's lives

Look around you and follow the lifestyle of others. You will find that buying habits diverge relatively in a particular lifestyle. 

To get some real insights and solutions, try looking into different demographics. It is your choice if you want to exploit any other economic segment or a different age group, get inspiration from wherever it comes.

Try to search for people who need an offer that is not available. Try to find people who have received complaints with their previous purchase, and you know how to solve their problems. If people find inspiration for ideas like Robinhood , you can get ideas for paid offerings. 

Ads are your friends

Do you know the annoying advertisements that keep popping up on social media as soon as you connect with your friends? 

When these ads pop up, try to see what they are offering. They can be your insight into a niche that you will tap and work on. 

From their offering, you can very well gauge what type of target market they are working on and use the same ideas. Or, if possible, you can try to work on a similar kind of offer for your niche.

Technology trends

Perhaps the safest bet in finding a niche is to follow hardcore facts and trends. Try to see in technology and understand what is coming. 

When you know what is coming in the future, you have a better chance of making predictions and creating a service that people do not yet have. And you know about technology, the land belongs to the first mover.  

Find good products to promote

Once you have a niche, the next step is to choose specific products to work with. As a beginner, you will want to work on products that can get you into sales figures, even if they offer lower commissions.

As you learn the tricks of the trade, you can expand into product categories that give you a higher commission for each sale. 

Regardless of the commission, however, you should be able to tell whether the product is salable or not. You probably can't make a market for an iPhone 4 today, neither can you sell those old heavy monitors. 

To understand which products are sold today and which are not, market research is very important. And you start from the very basics when doing that research. You have to start from the industry to understand where it is going. If the trend dictates that the industry is dying out, then you don't jump into it.

You should also look at the specifications and quality of the product. Understanding product creation quality and specifications will help you tweak its value proposition to fit your target market.

Probably the biggest help in deciding on a good product to sell is to look at your product reviews. Where do you look for them? Of course, on a site that sells everything from A to Z ie Amazon.

Image Results for Amazon Review Effectiveness Stats

The data clearly shows that the highest sales are for products that have high ratings. 

But Amazon is not the only place you can find reviews for your product. Studies show that review in e-commerce is one of the most important factors in sales growth for companies. 

No matter how big Amazon may be, this is not the only place to find reviews about your products. Social media platforms in particular are an important source of review collection and production. 

Since organizations are highly responsive to social media, people may want to reach there. This is why a bulk of reviews on social media are completed immediately. 

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2. Decide which platforms to use

The only way that you can ensure that your affiliate program is better than others and therefore attract more people is that you choose the right platform to work with. Each platform will be different and will offer its features to help you work.

You have to decide which platform works best in general, fit in with your niche and target audience, and help you deal with the competition. You can find a lot of reviews about platforms. Some of the most popular affiliate platforms today are: 

Amazon associate

Also called Amazon Associates, is a platform by) Amazon. And like any other platform running a full affiliate program, Amazon Affiliate offers a lot of options to its customers.

There are three different types of affiliate marketing to choose from:

Pay-Per-Click: How many affiliate visitors have paid on visiting the site through affiliate links

Pay-per-sale: Affiliate paid on how many purchases customers sent by affiliate.

Pay-per-lead: Affiliate pays on the number of visitors who sign up as leads with the merchant.

Whatever type of program you choose, Amazon only takes 24 hours to give you its share if you succeed in bringing in customers. 


ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate platforms running today which has a huge network for marketers to promote programs. You can use the affiliate finder feature in the network to find the best associate.

In addition, ClickBank is one of the few affiliate marketing platforms that offer mobile-optimized order forms for your smartphone and tablet. As an affiliate, you can also find custom order forms that will give you better conversion and subscription management to control product membership and membership. 

One of the best features of Clickbank, however, is its great customer support and the ability to create joint venture contracts. Pricing for the platform is reasonable.


ClickFunnel is one of the newer platforms to offer its support for affiliate programs and features like no other. Commission rates on ClickFunnels are just insane, standing at 40% of every sale that the affiliate brings.

All you need to earn this money is to create and work with a ClickFellers Affiliate account. However, you will need some help to understand how the platform works and provide benefits of its type. It is not every day that you get to use a tool that is considered number one when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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Other Brands

While not popular, many different brands also run their own affiliate marketing programs. These include Canva, Semarsh and Bluehost which provide flexibility to associate brands. Of course, these platforms may not be as powerful as the other three, but they provide a basic understanding of how collaborative marketing works.

3. Buy and Host a Domain

Your effort in affiliate marketing focuses on your website which leads people to the merchant site. For this reason, you have to make sure that you always get the right domain and hosting. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, your domain and hosting for affiliate marketing may be different from your regular everyday website. Two of the most regarded platforms for affiliate marketing hosting are Godaddy and Bluehost.

However, you should understand what factors go into choosing the right domain and hosting for your affiliate marketing program. In choosing the right program, make sure that you consider the following factors:

Guaranteed Uptimes: This is how many times your website will be online during a week, month or year. People will not return to your site if they see that it is down unless necessary. 

Load times: Statistics say that if the loading speed of your website increases from 1 to 3 seconds to two seconds the likelihood of bounce increases by 32%! You know what to do.

Backup: You never know when your website might get attacked, and you lose your data. This is why it is so important to always go back for your data when you get your hosting. 

Support: Typically, websites provide support for their hosting. If you are a beginner, you will need it and ensure that the support quality is the best. 

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4. Create content to promote products

With about 1.75 billion internet websites on the Internet , how will your website break the noise and stand out to the audience? When you make your guess, everyone understands that the only true answer is search engine optimization. 

Here's why it's important:

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Not only does the online experience start with a search engine for most people, but it is also what most people ignore paid advertisements online. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, however, SEO is not about keywords. The algorithm for Google has changed over the years including not only the keywords but also the length of the content, the number of images and the high authority links on the page.

Apart from just that, modern trends dictate that SEO is more about engaging with people. It involves personalization for content and helps people connect to content. In addition, establishing authority builds credibility and helps people connect with your website. 

5. Promote content through various channels

One of the most common trends in promoting your content and products on the Internet today is to never trust anyone's platform too much. To reach the maximum number of subscribers across the Internet, the real strategy to follow is to use multiple channels.

social media

Social media makes it one of the most important channels for any type of publicity ever. Many figures talk about how social networks make the best online media for purchasing among customers. 

Image results to boost content on various channel figures

Image results to boost content on various channel figures

But to ensure that you target all target audiences, it is always smart to keep forums other than Facebook in mind.

Youtube video

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. This in itself says a lot about its importance as a channel to promote its products. This is why it is particularly popular among brands and affiliates to market their products.