Marketing Concept 2023

 Marketing Concept 2023

Marketing Concept / Marketing Concept / RAS Mains Paper 1

Different organizations adopt different thinking and attitude towards their business. Various concepts of marketing have evolved since ancient times and changes have taken place from time to time.

Following are the key concepts of marketing

Exchange concept

production concept

product concept

sales concept

modern marketing concept

social marketing concept

Exchange concept

It is a very ancient concept in which exchange of goods takes place between the buyer and the seller. Marketing involves the distribution and price of the goods.

Exchange is only one part of marketing and many elements of marketing are not included in it.

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Production concept

The policy of managing production is adopted under this concept.

The belief behind this is that customers are attracted towards the same products which are available in the market in large quantities at low cost.

In such an organization the entire attention is focused on production and other elements of marketing are ignored.

In practice such products often do not receive the anticipated support of customers.

Product Concept -

This concept is contrary to the production concept.

In this, the entire focus of the organization is on product improvement, quality improvement, creation of new products and creation of ideal products.

The reasoning behind this is that good quality products are bought by the customer by nature.

These organizations try to succeed on the basis of the characteristics of the products.

Pro. According to Livitt, such organizations are considered to suffer from marketing myopia which pay more attention to products without understanding customer requirements.

Sales concept

Under this concept, great emphasis is placed on promotion and advertising of goods.

Such enterprises try to increase sales by doing heavy advertisements, discounting prices and strengthening publicity.

Such organizations do not understand any distinction between sales and marketing and consider both to be synonymous.

The concept of selling is also considered to be plagued by the concept of marketing myopia or narrow marketing.

Modern Marketing Concept

The modern concept of marketing has evolved as a result of changes in industrial production.

This concept emphasizes the implementation of rules and techniques of marketing rather than production.

According to this concept, both the beginning and the end of business activities are based on the need and satisfaction of the consumer.

Integrated management actions, consumer-orientedness, consumer satisfaction, achievement of the goals of the organization with benefits, consumer value etc. are the key features of this concept.

Concept of social marketing-

The basic objective of this concept is to emphasize the welfare of the society, social interest and social responsibility of the organization instead of selling.

According to Philip Kotler-

     " Social marketing ideology is about determining the needs, desires and interests of consumers and satisfying them in a more effective and efficient manner than their competitors in order to protect or enhance the welfare of consumers and society. "

The basic objective of this concept is to fulfill social responsibility with maximum benefit by using marketing techniques.