Marketing: what it is, its type and everything you need to know 2023

 Marketing: what it is, its type and everything you need to know 2023

Marketing It is the responsibility of management to create and provide value to the audience , increasing the performance of A brand . Their strategies explore the arts and sciences to meet the precious needs and desires of the market, helping companies grow and increase their sales.

Marketing - Meaning and Purpose

The term marketing is English and, unlike other skills in business administration, came to be used in Portuguese without translation. The literal translation is found in "Marsadologia", which says a lot about the word. Market means market, so marketing can be understood as the use of the market or the development of the market.

Dictionary Definitions Marketing definitions define the term as a set of strategies 4P (product, price, category, and promotion) to meet the needs of the target audience. The development of these strategies will ultimately increase acceptance of a product or service, causing the company to be responsible for increasing its revenue and profit.

So does marketing work to sell more?

If you approach business processes from a broader marketing perspective, this question may make sense. But this is not always true. There are examples of companies that establish themselves as luxury companies and do bad business, leaving a price strategy aligned with this situation to sell more.

Recently I heard something about marketing that got me thinking:


If you look at this phrase, it can make all the emotions in the world. Think of a company that does not develop any marketing strategy . Commercial Manager You need to win every sale in the "arm", convince the potential customers running back. Already a company that develops well-formed marketing strategies prepares customers to buy without major proactive efforts.

In my opinion, the current marketing role is to add perceived value to a brand , making it more and more embedded in people's daily lives. What was once the target audience became a connected tribe, which exchanges information and trends through the network. Those who are not part of it want to do it. Nowadays, products and services are transitory. Not brand

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Brief history of marketing

It is very common to think of marketing as something inherent in a globalized world, especially with the advent of the Internet and digital marketing . But the truth is that by the time people were willing to do business or political work, marketing came into existence informally.

For example, those who say, Julius Caesar controlled people, many of the communications about his campaigns and opponents read aloud in the public square, was one of the precursor forms of marketing.

Speech in the public square: the first form of communication as marketing

Below are some historical landmarks showing the origins and development of marketing  as a formal strategy throughout history:

1450 - Gutenberg invented the printing press - before it was allowed to print advertisements

1605 -  Relationship Aller Fernmann und Gedenquardigen Historian - German, this newspaper is recognized by many and has come to be in the format of print media that runs to this day

1663 -  Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen - First magazine also appears in Germany

1839 - Due to excessive circulation of practice, the practice of promoting publicists with advertisements on properties in England was prohibited. To prevent this restriction was made outdoor

1867 - Old record of an outdoor rental

1920 - After military use, radio started broadcasting with entertainment and news

7 - First advertisement on TV

70s - Beginning of the use of the term "telemarketing"

Internet and cell phones and growth became exponential at the end of the 20th century

Replication of Gutenberg Press

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Marketing pillar

A concept created a long time ago by the teacher , Philip Kotler , aired by Jerome McCarthy , which remains fairly current. These are 4P Marketing: Price, Class, Product and Promotion . These are the basic pillars along with the positioning of the company with any marketing strategy. We have one full article on 4 Ps marketing , but I will speak each of them to your understanding.

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Every company sells something. The product, which in this case can also be a service, has a different perspective in the prism of marketing planning. The objective here is to understand what qualities are valued by the public should be developed and have experience of using it through the product.


Many people see the price of the product as a financial virtue. But pricing is part of a company's marketing plan. The more the company seeks to discriminate, but the price can be varied. If a company is equal to its competitors, it must also be priced. The higher the price perception, the more fees can be charged.

Pricing strategies


Each marketing strategy needs to involve a set of locations and channels in which the public can have access to products or services and have contact with the brand. Websites, physical stores, social networks are examples of classes. Each of them should have its own strategy, but be aligned with the overall marketing objectives of the company.


Promotions include how the messages the company promotes will be kept in touch with the public. This includes communication strategy and brand personality.

The most interesting is that we can often see crosses between the pillars. There are companies that have different promotion strategies for different classes. Price strategies may vary as well as experience of using products and services.

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Different types of marketing

With the advent of internet and digital marketing, there is a lot of confusion between the types of marketing that are specific strategies and types of groups that are groups of channels. Below I've put together some common terms used in the middle of marketing, and I'll tell you a little about each.


O branding is a kind of strategic plan within the marketing universe. This is the capability that will guide all other actions online or offline. Translate is brand branding, so branding can be understood as something close to "brand working" or "brand development".

In a branding project, the company will define its position, the purpose and promise of the brand, the people it wants to achieve and how it will spread its qualities and values ​​in the user experience. The goal is to generate brand platforms, a type of guide that the company must follow its strategies and daily, to remain strong in terms of image.

Branding project

market research

Many people underestimate the understanding of A. Market research . They believe that it is just collecting questionnaires and applying to understand what people think about a product. This is just one example of quantitative research , which calls for statistically measuring opinions. Research can also take a qualitative form, focusing more on the subjective aspect of seeking ideas from personal experiences.

Market research is important for many decisions of a company. It is impossible to imagine, for example, a branding project that does not start with too much research. How to define the personality of a brand and its objectives without being most interested?

We recommend that before any marketing action, at least the simplest form of qualitative research should be done. Chat with customers !

digital marketing

O Digital marketing  is a set of channels and strategies in the online environment. Many professionals make the mistake of believing that this is a completely independent medium from the classic offline version. However, in a unified world, the digital market must follow marketing guidelines as a whole. The company will not have two separate images in an online and offline environment.

We did another full article, explaining  the type of digital marketing , but I'll quickly explain a few keys below:

SEM - Search Engine Marketing (Search Engine Marketing)

This includes content optimization or media shopping to print text ads in search results. SEM  includes well-known strategies as examples below:

SEO - Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) -  The set of ways to optimize site pages so that they appear organically well positioned in search results.

Sponsored Links -  Buying keywords searched by potential customers on an auction-like system to appear at the top of searches. The most famous platforms for buying media in search engines are Google AdWords and Bing Ads .

Sponsored Link on Google

SMM - Social Media Marketing (Social Media Marketing)

Develop branding through managing company profiles or products within major social networks, such as Instagram , facebook , twitter , Pinterest , etc.

Email marketing

Building lists and relationships with subscribers and interested publications by sending content and offers by email.

Outbound Marketing and Direct Marketing

This format includes all direct sales functions without the use of intermediaries or indirect language. It can be executed in person, via email, links, direct mail, text messages and pamphlets, through other forms, point-of-sale, or remotely.

In this, in other words, active includes the possibility of new customers .

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inbound marketing

Unlike outbound, inbound marketing reverses the logic of sales. Through content production, data acquisition, and relationship technology, the company that practices this intends to attract customers. For example, you may have seen ads on Facebook offering free digital books.

By registering to download, you will see that you have to fill some data beforehand. From this data, with total knowledge of the company analyzing other customers, you will receive a range of relevant content. The goal of the company in this strategy is to gradually make you aware that it is a reference in the subject. When you want to test the product, you will go after it, not the other way around.

Inbound marketing funnel

CRM and Relationship Marketing

The cost of winning a new customer always exceeds the cost of retaining the existing customer. This mainstay is Relationship Marketing and CRM - Customer Relationship Management (Customer Relationship Management). In the past, people were much less attached to each other. Therefore, companies focused only on direct advertising on TV or print media.

But that time has changed. Now people talk about products and services and give opinions on social networks. Nevertheless, the number of companies offering the same products and services is increasing. How to separate yourself Build an incredible relationship in your customer base. Loyalty functions throughout the team, personalized service as a weapon and bonus, and CRM actions are advantages for long-lasting or high-income customers .

Content marketing

O Content marketing is to engage your audience through it producing relevant content . Content can be offered in various formats - text, video, podcast, digital book, presentation - and distributed on various channels - email, social networks, blogs, etc.

The best way to start content production is to do research with the target audience to find out their pains, dreams and influences. Then to define the format which media are the most consumed among them and hands down! Now it is time to produce the material.

Many companies make the mistake of outsourcing content production and are doing it regardless, believing it to be an SEO strategy. Google searches will increase content if it is not very relevant to some viewers. I especially believe that good content should be authorized and follow the brand personality and guidelines chosen through the branding project.

Guerrilla Marketing and  Viral Marketing

The main idea is  to significantly increase the impact on low-investment customers through guerrilla or viral marketing creativity. With the advent of social networks, small initiatives that pay attention can be shared by everyone. We call ourselves viralization for this event.

A recent example was the "buzz" in networks surrounding the ovomaltine milk shake including Bob, Mac Donald, Burger King, Giraffa and even Phillips ( read about here ). Newbank received a number of spontaneous media, including large channels, as one sent Pikachu to a customer who mentioned Pokemon Go in attendance .

Guerrilla marketing

If you are going to enter guerrilla marketing, beware of promotions. Many brands try to surf the fashionable wave for the virusizer and the shot ends up backfiring, producing a negative exposure to the mark.

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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process in which a company is interested in selling its products or services. To motivate them to sell, it creates a compensation and bonus structure. Bonuses can be a percentage of the price of the product. Generally, for this process to work, the bonus margin must be quite interesting. Otherwise, they will not justify any sales efforts of affiliates.

Another important point is that the chosen affiliates already have some type of public, so that these sales happen naturally. Without the need for constant motivation and thorough training. Generally, the best affiliate profile is one that has an audience through content sites, email lists, social networks, but lacks a product to monetize their channels.

Development hacking

The translation will be similar to "Macetondo o Crescimento" for the development hacking paper. And this is what the method promotes. Instead of creating big plans and advertisements, development channel hacking promotes smaller tests across multiple channels and more analysis of results. The tests showing positive signs deserve that the condition be doubled.

This process should be repeated until the user is able to fully mature ad channels.

Development hacking team

Specialization marketing

O experience  focuses on marketing or brand interaction with a sensitive user. Each purchase is a process of research, consideration and decision by customers. After purchase, there is the use of experience of the product or service. Development experience marketing begins by mapping this entire process from end to end. From there, the customer touch points of the brand should be studied and tested.

A good example of this type of strategy was by the airline Virgin America  (now Alaska Air). In the process of buying / using their customers, they made significant discoveries. For example, the presentation video of airplane safety rules is something that all companies did the same. He did not arouse any emotion in his customers. In other words, it was a point of contact with the brand that was being dumped. From that conclusion, he recorded the masterpiece below.

Personal marketing

As the name says, it is the use of marketing strategies on a personal level. Ideal strategies will depend on the goals the person is pursuing. Usually, this person wants to be a reference in some field or just famous. In this case, to make it work, one must first study the channels that the chosen audience frequents. In addition to testing, they like to consume in terms of content until they hit the hand.