What is e-marketing? 2023

 What is e-marketing? 2023

E-marketing (electronic marketing) is also known as internet marketing, web marketing, digital marketing or online marketing. E-marketing is the process of marketing a product or service using the Internet. E marketing not only includes marketing on the internet, but also includes marketing through e-mail and wireless media. It uses many technologies to help businesses connect with their customers.

E-marketing is a type of marketing that is accomplished through modern technology such as internet and mobile. The importance of e-marketing has increased as a result of the increase in the number of Internet users. At the end of 2013, the number of Internet users in Arab countries reached 135.6 million users. The Internet has become the most popular way to search for or search for a product. There are many ways of e-marketing, and it is better to know all the types and methods of e-marketing, choose the right way that will make your marketing campaign a success.

Types of e-marketing

E-mail marketing

Marketing via e-mail is one of the first methods of e-marketing. E-mail marketing is the delivery of your products via email to any company. Email marketing is necessary for every company in every way, because any company gives new offers and discounts to customers on time, for which email marketing is an easy way.

Search engine optimization or SEO

It is a technical medium that places your website at the top of the search engine results which increases the number of visitors. For this, we have to make our website according to keyword and SEO guidelines.


Social media

Social media is made up of many websites - such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Through social media a person can express his views in front of thousands of people. When we see this site, we see advertisements on it at certain intervals, it is effective and effective means for advertising.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is a medium of social media in which producers can make their products accessible to the people directly. People can also express their reaction to this. This is the medium where there is a crowd of many people or say that a large number of users / viewers live on YouTube. It is an easy and popular way to show your product to people by making videos.

Affiliate Marketing

The remuneration earned by advertising products through websites, blogs or links is called Affiliate Marketing. Under this, you create your link and put your product on that link. When the customer buys your product by pressing that link, you get hard on it.

Apps Marketing

Making different apps on the Internet to reach people and promote their product on it is called apps marketing. This is the best way of digital marketing. Nowadays a large number of people are using smart phones. Big companies make their apps and make the apps available to the people.

Advantages of E Marketing

Some of the benefits of E marketing are given below:

Easy monitoring through web tracking capabilities helps in making the Emerging highly effective.

Using e-marketing, viral content can be created, which helps in viral marketing.

The Internet provides 24-hour and "24/7" service to its users. So you can build and build customer relationships around the world, and your customer can buy or order products at any time.

The cost of spreading your message across the Internet is nothing. Many social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus allow you to advertise and promote your business independently.

You can easily and immediately update your registered customers via email.

If you are selling, your customers can start shopping at discounted prices as soon as they open their email.

If a company has an information sensitive business such as a law firm, newspaper or online magazine, then that company can deliver its products directly to customers even without using courier.

Disadvantages of E-Marketing

If you want a strong online advertising campaign then you have to spend money. Web site design, software, hardware, maintenance of your business site, online distribution costs, and cost of time invested, all must be included in the cost of providing your service or product online.

The number of people doing online marketing is constantly increasing, your company needs to reach maximum people.

Some people prefer live interactions when purchasing any product. And if your company has a small business with a location, it can prevent customers from buying who live long distances.

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